About Xedev

Xedev is evolved out of the ProCepT R&D process equipment demo centre. The worldwide increasing demand in outsourcing development eventually triggered the start of Xedev in 2012.

Today Xedev has grown from a basic process feasibility trial lab into a knowledge based, niche contract service provider in formulation and process development of solid materials for Pharma, Biotech, Chemical and Food industries.

The Xedev team has a strong scientific background combination with degrees in Pharmacy, Biomedical, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.

Xedev shares the same location with sister company ProCepT, that engineers and manufactures R&D process equipment. Xedev applies the ProCepT equipment for it’s services and ProCepT delivers instant engineering support to the Xedev team. This bi-directional support, results in the great advantage of continuous and fast innovation, improvement and efficiency in the Xedev scientific operations.